We raise funds for our mission trips with the support of thousands of customers from our fashion brand world apparel co.

when people make a purchase from our online selection a portion of all proceeds will go towards aiding and raising awareness for the community of our next mission trip, which we call "tours". 


Our Mission

World Apparel was founded on the power of the youth. We are not solemnly a clothing company. Our clothes represent a symbol of a bigger picture. Our slogan "The youth is the solution" is what we stand for. We want to use our clothing to help raise money to feed, provide medical care, clothes, and supply the children that are in need all around the world. With every sale that we make a portion of the proceeds will go to a children's aid based mission. As our company grows the amount we will donate will grow as well. It starts with us and the upcoming youth in order to change the world. Helping those in need may just spark the drive in the next person that will help change the world. That is why we want to bring subscribers, friends, and customers along with us on our trips so they can personally experience the magic. 

World Apparel wants to personally thank all of those who help us achieve our goal of world change.


I want to share the wonderful experience of giving with as many individuals as possible, and hopefully I can spark the minds of the next entrepreneur/philanthropist.
— Ipi Adedokun, Founder & CEO

Recent Trips 

  • Flint Tour (Shower head filter & water)

  • Dallas Tour (over 100 toys to the Promise House Orphanage during Christmas) 

  • Houston Tour (Aiding with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts)

  • Washington DC Tour ( Coming Soon)