Current Projects 


Flint, MI

It has been 5 years since the city of Flint has been without clean water. Although many efforts have been made by countless individuals including ours selves, the root problem can not be resolved without the replacement of all the pipping in Flint, MI . Many people don't know this but the water became contaminated when the city of Flint decided to save money buy switching their water supply from the Detroit river to the Flint river.  The Flint River's water was discirbed as acidic and began eating the already aged pipping through out the city. In our efforts to help, we raised around two thousand dollars over a span of 3-4 months and spent the money on shower head filters, the day before helped distribute tons of water through out the day. For every two "Flint Tour" shirts we sell from world apparel co. we send a filter to Flint.      


Arriving in Flint 

When the team arrived in Flint they started the day started the day off by aiding the Prince of Peace Church distribute tons of water. 


Shower Head Filter 

For every two "Flint" shirts we sell, we send a Filter to Flint, MI in return. 


Little Miss Flint 

She was super excited to see us! we also gave her a shower head filter. 


Houston, Tx

Following the tragic Hurricane Harvey a few of the team members drove to around the city of Dallas collecting cloths, toiletries, and feminine products for the families of Houston in need. Exactly a week after the storm hit we than made our way to Houston where we helped a Red Cross shelter and distributed the the cloths and care packages to about three different shelters throughout the city.    



Dallas, tx 

For our first movement we raised about fifteen hundred dollars in a span of two months selling our "Dallas" Tour shirt and with a large portion of the proceeds we partnered with the Promise House Orphanage in donating over one hundred toys to the children and a check of two hundred dollars to aid the shelter in purchasing toiletries for the children. 



Tariq Washington- Walker, COO

He wanted to take some toys home.